CONTACT DETAILS FOR PETE: 07794 544693 or petewatkins4@aol.com
HAPPY NEW YEAR and a big thanks to all who have supported in me in the last year. Looking forward to 2016!
ROUGH AND READY Volume II is here!  Featuring 14 songs from Pete’s set recorded simply with just guitar, vocal and the famous Pete Watkins beat board. The album is available at gigs.
IRON STONE & STEEL is the new album of original material from Pete Watkins.
The album includes 10 original songs and is currently only available at gigs. A mail order option is available, drop an email to petewatkins4@aol.com or via this website. The album features the Pete Watkins Originals; Pete Watkins guitars and all vocals. Fiddle from Dave Favis Mortlock and bass from Colin Baker, Gary Warmington and Gordon Raitt.
 “I often go and see [Pete Watkins] perform and always want to get my bass out and join in. Now at last he has come up with a CD of his own material and is performing his own stuff at shows. “Iron Stone and Steel” is a lovely collection of his songs so do check it out and try to get to one of his gigs.” Dave Pegg, Fairport Convention.

“Petes solo performances are legendary, playing songs from the widest possible range of eras and styles. What is less well known, however, is that Pete is no mean songwriter himself, his songs range from up-beat numbers that get your feet tapping to sensitive and thoughtful songs drawing upon Petes life experiences.”  Derek & Mary Droscher Banbury Folk Club & Banbury Folk Festival Organisers

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THE STEPS featuring original members – Pete Watkins, Mike Morales and Colin Baker reformed for a special one-off gig at The Red Lion in Cropredy for the Cropredy Fringe festival on Friday August 14th at 3pm.  A live at RAH studios album featuring 9 songs from The Steps will be available soon!

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Pete is also an accomplished covers performer and entertainer, playing an enormously wide range of songs, solo or with a band. 

Pete’s solo performances are legendary, playing songs from the widest possible range of era’s and styles. Always entertaining, ensuring the audience has a great time and come back for more. What makes it so much more satisfying is that Pete is out for a good time too and that comes through strongly in the performances.

Pete has collected hundred of songs over the years, his voracious appetite for great songs and for experimenting with new styles keeps the sets rich and varied.  He brings a passion and energy to the songs with his own unique style, whether it’s the classic popular songs from the last 6 decades or traditional Irish songs, rock and roll classics, the blues, folk, rock, country, new wave…….it just goes on and on, no sleep till bedtime, last man standing……..
Pete studied singing under a nationally recognised vocal trainer in Wales and has been playing guitar as a soloist and in bands for many years. He played in several successful bands in Wales including The Reactions and later the Steps which toured extensively in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Steps were winners in a national BBC Radio 1 competition, chosen from a nationwide search and selected as winners by a panel of judges which included the legendary John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.
Pete has performed on several occasions at the international annual Kinks Fan Club Convention in London, here Pete selects Kinks rarities and less well known tracks and gives them his own acoustic interpretation. Pete has recorded an acoustic arrangement of the Kinks classic album the Village Green Presentation Society with an acoustic band.

From:  Ollie & Tressa  olliehowe@hotmail.co.uk                 Sat, 18 Oct 2014 13:21

We saw Pete Watkins top-notch performance at The Norman Knight pub in

Whichford on 17th Oct. ’14. Pete has an amazing voice that adapts to

various other artists (anyone really). Pete’s astute talent with the

guitar is astounding and how he can juggle the various and diverse

music, while playing the heartfelt harmonica and sing too is

astoundingly first class. What’s more, Pete’s upbeat and compassionate

relational abilities with people injected with a humorous style with

his audience promises to be a great night out. Pete’s last CD,

appropriately named Rough and Ready – Acoustic and Unplugged, explains

why it sold out. We wish Pete deserved success in his next project.

The Pete Watkins Originals – performing original Pete Watkins compositions in an acoustic style with vocal/guitar/fiddle and bass
Number Nine Blast and The Steps – electric bands performing original Pete Watkins songs. 
Functions bands (see Functions Tab)
Sunny Afternoon – an authentic 60’s Beat Group band.
The Pete Watkins Band – a broad range cover band ideal for weddings and functions.