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Solo Cover performer and entertainer. Pete’s solo performances are legendary, playing songs from the widest possible range of era’s and styles. Always entertaining, ensuring the audience has a great time and come back for more. What makes it so much more satisfying is that Pete is out for a good time too and that comes through strongly in the performances.

Pete has collected hundred of songs over the years, his voracious appetite for great songs and for experimenting with new styles keeps the sets rich and varied.  He brings a passion and energy to the songs with his own unique style, whether it’s the classic popular songs from the last 6 decades or traditional Irish songs, rock and roll classics, the blues, folk, rock, country, new wave…….it just goes on and on, no sleep till bedtime, last man standing……..

Pete Watkins – Singer Songwriter – Pete also performs as singer songwriter guitarist, performing his self written original songs. For more on Pete Watkins – Singer Guitarist and songwriter, click the tab.

Pete’s new album of solo acoustic songs Iron Stone & Steel is now available at gigs or can be ordered for mail order delivery, conact Pete through the contacts page on this website.

Pete studied singing under a nationally recognised vocal trainer in Wales and has been playing guitar as a soloist and in bands for many years.
Pete has performed on several occasions at the international annual Kinks Fan Club Convention in London, playing support to members of The Kinks, here Pete selects Kinks rarities and less well known tracks and gives them his own acoustic interpretation. Recently Pete recorded an acoustic arrangement of the Kinks classic album the Village Green Presentation Society with an acoustic band.
 In 2009 Pete recorded a unique acoustic version of the classic Kinks album ‘The Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society’ . Along with Gary Warmington on bass and Mike Freer on drums this arrangement was performed in front of The Kinks at the annual fan club conventions in London and Utrecht. Limited copies are still available and can be ordered on request, just email Pete on :

Listen to some of Pete’s Music:

Pete Watkins – Taster track from new album

Pete Watkins – Memphis to Yazoo

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