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The latest new album – The Palace of Varieties featuring The Pete Watkins Originals. Pete Watkins. Gordon Raitt, Drew Pountney and Jono Watts. RELEASED MAY 2018

A superb follow up to Iron Stone and Steel, the Palace of Varieties features 13 original Pete Watkins songs beautifully arranged and performed by the Originals. Engineers at White House Studios by Steve White and mastered at RAH studios by Jake Jacob.

The new songs are being regularly performed at Pete Watkins gigs and by The Originals at several gigs in 2018. See giglist for dates.

The popular national roots and acoustic music magazine Rock and Reel featured the Pete Watkins song Lost at Sea on the UN HERD CD compilation released at the Cropredy Festival, alongside songs from Fairport Convention and Kate Rusby.

Some reviews to follow……

Palace of Varieties continues in the style of Iron Stone & Steel but this time with percussion and it’s a more upbeat album. it includes Lost at Sea and App for That and the popular Papa John Spiderman.

 IRON STONE & STEEL released December 20th  2014

Now on the third pressing, the second pressings having sold out! Thank you to all who have purchased the album, it’s getting great reviews from the most important people, YOU! I’m so thrilled to receive the feedback and kind words, Easier to Breathe seems to be the stand-out song. It tells of a coal-miner looking back over his life, reflecting on easier times but in a positive way – he had a meaningful job, a place in community and a secure home to raise his family! ‘It’s work that gives a man his pride’.

For now I’m sticking with my plan to only make the CD available for direct purchase on-line or at gigs. It’s an album and works well when listened to in it’s entirity.

Iron Stone and Steel features Pete on guitar and vocal and bass from Gordon Raitt, Gary Warmington and Colin Baker

Pete Watkins songs draw on life experiences and observations, melodic tunes with captivating lyrics.

In a previous life………….

In the early days Pete’s material was performed and recorded by bands in South Wales, The Reaction, The Steps and Number Nine Blast. During this time there were many radio performances, an extensive live gig circuit and several recording sessions, including one at the famous BBC Radio Maida Vale Studios in London, the songs from which were played on Radio 1 shows including the John Peel Show. Some of these songs appear on the Pete Watkins album ‘Madness In My Method’, a selection of songs written for The Reactions and The Steps. There are occasional reunion performances by Number Nine Blast and The Steps

Listen to some of Pete’s Music:

Memphis to Yazoo was commissioned for a Blues Radio show.

Pete Watkins – Memphis to Yazoo

Pete Watkins – Corners acoustic from new album

Pete Watkins – Split personality

Pete Watkins- Corners

Pete Watkins – I need you

Pete Watkins – Only music matters

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