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The latest album – Palace of Varieties by Pete Watkins Originals is now on sale at HMV in Banbury and on Saturday 21st September the band will perform tracks from the album live in store at 3pm!

Big thanks to Bob at Banbury FM and all the team at HMV store in Banbury.


BBC Introducing have picked up on App For That, a catchy number from the latest album Palace of Varieties. If you’re reading this before the end of May check out the link

A fabulous project is almost complete featuring Pete Watkins, Mike Morales and Colin Baker who originally performed as The Steps. It’s an album of 9 Pete Watkins songs. The band recently completed a studio/live album where the band played live in the studio, natural and exciting it captures the raw live sound of the band. Expert engineering and production from Jake Jacob. The album features the songs Blind Ambition, Corners, Times Old And New, Faded Pictures, Feeling Fine, I Need You, Who’s World is it Anyway, I Will Be King and Reaction. Most of these songs date back to the Reactions days and were set standards for the Reactions and the Steps and later for Number 9 Blast (another incarnation). Colin’s bass playing is absolutely magnificent, displaying his creativity and his honey smooth style on Times old and New and his exciting driving licks on I Need You and Corners. Mike Morales on drums is still sounding as powerful and unique as ever, pounding through the tracks, Jake ‘s production captures the live excitement for which Mike is re-known. The guitar sound and vocals complete the scene. Will let you know when this album becomes available.

Hoping we’ll see and hear some of The Pete Watkins Originals this year, the band members are all busy on other projects at the moment.

It’s always great to see so many followers at the gigs and having a good time, thank you all for your support. Hope to see you again soon. Check out the Giglist.

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